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The independent spirit and lust for life within Admiral Horatio Nelson became the inspiration for Admiral Nelson's Premium Spiced Rum. He was a bold character who led an adventurous life defending the open waters. So, why not honor him with a bold rum that is full of flavor and admirably spiced? Furthermore, why not honor him with a complete family of rums allowing you to make your own decisions and chart your own course.

Horatio History

Rules are for the timid, the meek. Life is a journey that you define. If Admiral Horatio Nelson were charting the seas today, this would be his motto. For the Admiral was a fearless, genuine leader who was known for his bold spirit and heroic confidence. A resilient commander that would never back away from an enthusiastic engagement, and by "enthusiastic" we mean "any."  

When it came to battles, the good Admiral was notorious for outwitting the enemy with his strategic planning and cunning intelligence. And when it came to his men, Admiral Nelson was capable of touching lives and commanding an unwavering loyalty during combat. You see, he fought his own battles on his own terms, often ignoring the rules so he could inspire independence. This natural ability he possessed to move his men to achieve beyond what they thought was possible was later coined "The Nelson Touch."

His men aspired to be like him, but the inspirational Admiral never let authority motivate him. Admiral Nelson didn’t always follow the commands of his tights wearing, wig sporting superiors. In fact, part of his legendary bravado comes from him once ignoring orders to cease-fire. The story goes that he put his telescope to his blind eye and claimed he couldn’t see the signal to retreat from the battle he was engaged in. This act later inspired the famous phrase, still used by many, "turn a blind eye."